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So you want to start a podcast? Fantastic! Starting a podcast is a great way to build new relationships, position yourself as a thought leader, and grow your brand in a fun & engaging way. 

The problem many first time podcasters face is the process for getting started can be overwhelming. What microphone and equipment should you use? How do you land guests and get listeners? How do you get your podcast on iTunes and Spotify?

I’m going to help you cut through the uncertainty - to not only learn how to launch your podcast, but to be a great host and consistently create high-quality episodes. 

In Launching Podcasts, I’ll take you step-by-step through the entire process of launching a podcast including the first four episodes. With easily consumable videos, and action items at the end of each one, you’ll have your podcast up and running in no time.

Your fans are looking forward to hearing from you!



Launching Podcasts was built for aspiring podcasters. You need no prior podcasting or technical experience as this course will guide you every step of the way. 

  • There are ten lessons with 27 videos taking you from concept to publishing your first four podcast episodes.
  • Straightforward action items setting you up for success, teaching the process for how to launch your podcast, be a great host, and consistently produce a high-quality podcast. 
  • Gain exclusive access to a Slack Channel to discuss coursework, ask questions, and share ideas. 
  • Bonus download of Podcast Hustle, a step-by-step written guide for how to launch a podcast and grow an audience. 
  • 30 minute call with Rob Cressy where you can ask questions and get advice on your podcast as it is being built.



Across ten lessons you’ll learn:

  • How to write a podcast show script.
  • What podcasting equipment to use (regardless of budget.)
  • Tips for being a great host.
  • How to record online or at home.
  • How to submit a podcast to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.
  • How to build and grow a podcast audience.
  • Creating a show notes template.
  • How to easily edit podcasts (regardless of experience.)
  • How to land guests.
  • What podcast hosting provider to use.
  • Strategies for launching a podcast.
  • How to use Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Slack to manage a podcast.

Want a Sneak Peak Of Launching Podcasts?   

The first video is on me. 🙌Watch Day 1 of this course which gives an overview of what to expect. There are 26 more video lessons. 



Launching Podcasts is designed for people who have something to say, want to grow their brand, build new relationships, and are committed to making it happen.  

Maybe you’ve had a podcast idea in your head for a while, or you want to bring your brand heartbeat to life.  

Your podcast is the opportunity for you to become a thought leader, deliver value, and be a familiar voice that others look forward to hearing from.

Now is the time for you to take action on the podcast you’ve been thinking about. I’m excited to help you grow your brand with Launching Podcasts.  




I’ve been podcasting since 2012, beginning with the Bacon Sports podcast, a show I created because I wanted to talk sports with friends. 

This is where my love of podcasting started, but I didn't stop there. I then created two other podcasts, including the Sports Marketing Huddle (which has been used by four universities to teach marketing students) and the Rob Cressy Show.   

All totaled I’ve published over 500 podcasts episodes organically generating over 225,000 downloads, landed multiple speaking opportunities, and built my brand inspiring, educating & entertaining others. 

Throughout my podcasting journey I’ve learned an incredible amount on what it takes to create, launch, host, and market a podcast, and repeatedly do so with excellence. 

I didn't have help when I started my podcast and I learned the hard way. The amount of hours I spent Googling and YouTubing was frustrating, uncertain, and wasted a ton of time. 

And that’s why I created Launching Podcasts, to help aspiring podcasters speed up their journey and easily launch a podcast. That way you can grow your brand, make new connections, and have your voice heard.

Launching Podcasts gives you the roadmap for podcasting success, including technical help, marketing strategies, how to be a great host, and access to a Slack community where you can ask questions and share ideas along the way.  

Best of all, when you are done with the course you’ll have the first four episodes of your podcast published, and the confidence that you are publishing a high-quality show. 

"It was such a good experience. The process was really simple, and it's been one of the best things I've ever done."
Dr. Amy Robbins, Host of Life, Death and the Space Between
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10 Lessons To Launching Your Podcast

Lesson One: Podcast Basics

  • This lesson sets the foundation for your podcast. What is your podcast about, who is your perfect listener, how long will your show be, and what is the name of your podcast. 

Lesson Two: Podcast Equipment

  • All the guessing is taken away as I give you various microphone options, ways to record your podcast (like Zoom/Skype or at home), and how to easily edit your podcast. 

Lesson Three: Podcast Artwork

  • Every podcast has cover art that identifies the show. This lesson talks about how to keep yours simple yet stand out. 

Lesson Four: Episode 000

  • Now it's time to write and record your intro episode which lets listeners know who you are, what the podcast is about, and what they can expect.

Lesson Five: Writing Your Show

  • Writing your show is pretty simple if you stick to my formula. We'll create an intro & outro, plus a template for the body of your podcast. That way you can rinse and repeat with ease. 

Lesson Six: Show Management

  • This lesson goes over various apps & programs you can use (like Evernote and Slack) to collaborate on your podcast, plus how to consistently publish episodes. 

Lesson Seven: Planning Episodes 1, 2 & 3

  • Now that our foundation is set we get to the heart of putting your podcast together. We plan out who will be the guests for your first three episodes, as well as topics you are going to talk about. 

Lesson Eight: Recording Episodes 1, 2 & 3

  • Get excited because it is time to start recording full episodes. In this lesson I'll give tips for recording, that way your process is solid and repeatable.  

Lesson Nine: Podcast Launch Strategy

  • With your podcast launch right around the corner I lay out the various strategies you can use to launch your podcast. That way when it is go time you are in the best position to succeed. 

Lesson Ten: Launching Your Podcast

  • It's time to take everything you've worked on and let the world see it. You'll sign up for your hosting provider and launch the first four episodes of your podcast. 


Buy Now - $449

  • 27 video lessons that easily break down the podcast launch process.
  • You will have the first 4 episodes of your podcast recorded and published upon launching.
  • Actionable tasks to help you stay on track. 
  • Exclusive access to a Slack Channel to discuss coursework, ask questions, and share ideas. 
  • Bonus download of Podcast Hustle, a step-by-step written guide for how to launch a podcast and grow an audience. 
  • 30 minute call with Rob Cressy where you can ask questions and get advice while your podcast is being built.
  • Lifetime access to the Launching Podcasts content.
  • Finally get your podcast out into the world (priceless.)

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